Experience a distinctive way of exploring Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Java, Bali and Papua with Matahatikita Tour Team

About Matahatikita (Pronounced Mata - Hatee -Keeta)

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The Future of North Sulawesi Matahatikita is composed of three Indonesian words

Mata = Eyes means to see and to look at
Hati = Heart
means to feel and to love
Kita = Our

All means Beauty and Love are there to be admired and felt with our eyes and heart.

Why Matahatikita?

We use Matahatikita as a symbol of our working together as a loyal team organizing tours.

The name and symbolism of Matahatikita fits our backgrounds as tour guides. We show others the exotic scenery and magnificent underwater world, so they can see with their own eyes. We love to share our admiration of outstanding natural beauty and delicious local food.

Our eyes and hearts convey the sense of community in the family life of indigenous tribes as well as the shared experience of local transport.Macaque Nigra, Tangkoko

Who are we?

Group of experienced tour guides, while we are based in Manado (North Sulawesi) and our focus is on Sulawesi and eastern Indonesia, we organize tours throughout Indonesia

What do we offer?

We work with many well established partner companies to negotiate the best possible all in - inclusive price.

We handle everything including room and meal reservations at some of the best accommodation or nature lodges, ensuring expert guides are available, arranging safe and reliable transportation, and providing information on dive sites, bird species, indigenous tribes and maps of the areas visited. We can also assist you in making domestic and International flight reservations

What makes us different?

Oxcart, Tangkoko, North Sulawesi

Our commitment to the principles of conservation and our work with local communities have been acknowledged internationally and well received by our many clients.

This can be summed by our mission statement:

We are dedicated to providing our clients with ethical tourism products that are sustainable.

We are an equal opportunity employer and our staff comes from the various tribes and peoples in Indonesia.

Matahatikita is based on a team work to implement eco-tourism, environment, and education value. We will bring you to remote villages and get you in touch with native people, we will assist you in communicating with them and arrange to overnight at local people's houses.


They honor you as family or relative, in this case, Party in Bunaken the local people can get some benefit income of tourism and you as the visitor provide a vital link the outside world that is un-intrusive and not disruptive to their traditions and beliefs.

You can learn about the history and culture of ethnic groups, enjoy the tastes of local foods, and even dress up in ethnic clothes, practice on indigenous musical instruments or use a traditional vehicle.

It is particularly engaging to join in a community work project of social, health, or educational value.

Our goal is to ensure your tour with is the holiday experiences of a lifetime. We strive to make your holiday both enjoyable and unforgettable. You can count on getting prompt, personalized communication before and during your! So why not give Matahatikita Tours a try the next time you are planning a holiday to an exciting destination.

Our main concern is for the safety of our clients. Our guides have been between them a wide and formidable knowledge of the local culture, rainforest and wildlife. We can provide specialist service for those who require the most in - depth information on Indonesia.

Matahatikita Tours

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